leap of faith

pfaff 1215

Meet the latest addition to my sewing room.. my new (old) Pfaff Synchromatic 1215!

In my 3(ish) years of sewing, I've finally made the jump from my first machine - a starter machine but a hardy one, the Brother CE4000 - to this all-metal, refurbished Pfaff 1215, made in the 1980s (or late 70s.. need to check out its manufacture date). It has taken some getting used to (its motor is so powerful and I'm not used to all this metal, or not having to adjust tension so much.. good stuff but some bad too, like thread breaking and funny bobbin problems) and dresses take twice as long to sew while I get the hang of it, but it's worth it. I feel like giving him a name but I'll probably forget the name like I did when I named all my cars in high school, so he'll just be my Pfaff 1215 (a male of course).

Which leads to my bit of news - I'm officially a day job quitter. Just this past week, I put in my two weeks notice at American Apparel, which means no part-time job funds. I've been thinking and praying about this decision for awhile and ultimately decided that it would be the best thing for my shop - total time dedicated to making my clothing line and updating the online shop with vintage (which restarts on Monday, by the way!). I'm heading into my last week of work soon, which kind of bums me out since I'll miss the girls there a lot.. but it also makes me really excited. I'm taking a leap into doing what I really love, full time. And the pressure to afford to do what I love - to help support Neil and I from this venture alone, with no more part-time wages to fall back on - will hopefully drive me even further.

I appreciate all prayers and well wishes you might have - and thank you so much for your continued support! Without this blog and the encouragement I receive from you, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing.

Right now, I'm working on the scrapbook board for my spring/summer 2012 designs and stocking up on fabrics (some 1930s-40s vintage print fabric, happily).. I'll share them soon! And Sewing Saturday tomorrow. Happy weekend!