haute couture

close up

Kind of liking the photos coming from Paris Couture this week.. these are from Valentino's Spring 2012 Couture, found here. High necks and country floral prints in sheer, whip-like fabrics and art deco embellishments.. grandma-ish in the best way.

I'm always on the fence when it comes to Haute couture (unless it's vintage, which I love). I'm very much into wearable fashion and couture is such a huge departure from my lifestyle that it's hard to judge it or love it, really. Not to say I'm not blown away by the idea of custom-fitted, hand sewn clothing - just that I'm not as enthusiastic about couture collections as I am about ready-to-wear.


No Sewing Saturday post this weekend, unfortunately. I finished some work on last weekend's jumper, but not enough progress to really warrant a post - this weekend has been busier than I expected. So I promise a finished jumper next week with a bigger set of steps!

I have an update hitting the shop tomorrow.. lots of great vintage pieces that I've stored up for this day, like crochet dresses and sweaters in neutral tones that work well in all seasons (if you're anything like me and not willing to commit to any season right now). Hope you had a great weekend!