vintage shop update! pleated polka dots and cable knits

vintage cable knit sweater + pleated mid length skirt1970s polka dot blouse + high waist suede skirt

Shop update! I took a long, long hiatus from updating my vintage side of the shop but that doesn't mean I haven't stopped vintage hunting and hoarding.. here is a small compilation of pieces I've recently found, just added to the shop - a good mix of late winter pieces from lightweight sweaters in spring hues to mid length pleated skirts.

1970s sheer chiffon print dress
1990s crochet mini dress1970s sheer chiffon print dress
vintage blush rose sweater
vintage cable knit sweater + pleated mid length skirtvintage blush rose sweater

From now on, all vintage updates will hit the shop on Monday.

Vintage pleated polka dot skirt (sold)

For my fellow crafters and sewers, I have plans to start a supply shop as well, with plenty of vintage fabric, buttons, and patterns for the taking - all in the next few weeks. I have to come to terms with the fact that I can't use all of the stuff in my sewing room and they should go to worthier hands.

Happy February!