guess in the nineties


A recent guilty pleasure of mine has been Guess ads from the early 1990s. Their images have been everywhere in celebration of the 30th anniversary collection they just released, and thus I gave into the draw of 1950s polka dot head scarves and 90s leopard print blouses.. maybe it has something to do with Wild At Heart? Now I'm left to dream about gingham tie tops and sunflower jeans.

claudia_3 claudia_5
eva_4 eva_3

All images courtesy of Guess.

Sometimes I feel like it's not just these ads, but nineties pop culture in general.. I keep catching myself watching early 90s Julia Roberts movies whenever they're on television (and I hate Julia Roberts). Is it nostalgia over growing up in that decade? I'm looking for any sort of excuse to justify loving The Pelican Brief.