boston, part two

trip to boston

Boston photos, part two! During our vacation, we took a day trip to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and I fell in love with the coast. Although it was windy and far from swimsuit weather, the day was beautiful. We visited the Portsmouth Brewery, drank way too much beer in one afternoon, and walked around the downtown before settling on a restaurant to watch the sun set on the water and eat good seafood.

The Boston Public Garden was another highlight - the swan boats were old fashioned and perfect (they've been running since the 1800s), the flowers were in serious bloom. The park was designed by Frederick Olmstead who is famous for his American landscape architecture in the 1800s. He plays a big role in Devil in the White City - for those who've read the book (it's one of the best) or are looking forward to the film - since he designed the landscape for the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. It was interesting to see his handiwork.

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Outfits in order.. American Apparel cable knit sweater, thrifted polka dot dress with Madewell sandals, thrifted silk white blouse and Madewell mint green shorts (with scarf worn as tie), H&M tote.

Watching Brideshead Revisited with Neil tonight - BBC miniseries love forever.