summer travel guide: hannah metz on brooklyn

summer travel: brooklyn

Introducing the Summer Travel Series! Every week through May and June, I'm sharing interviews with my favorite bloggers talking about their local towns and what they love about them - the best eateries, vintage stops, neighborhoods, and more. To kick off this series, the lovely Hannah Metz of Hannah and Landon has kindly agreed to share her favorite Brooklyn, New York spots with us! Here she is.

Where to eat?  Vanessa's Dumplings for a delicious dumpling filled meal under five dollars. The Drink for drinks! Aroma for the best croissant in town and Le Barricou for a fancy feast!

Best coffee shop?  I spend many a work day at Second Stop but for a prettier setting and tastier (lavender) treats I love Bakeri.

Favorite afternoon excursion?  Central Park is my favourite place in the whole city. I have happily spent many a full day there (highlights are: Bethesda Fountain, Belvedere Castle, and boat rides!). Second favourite place in the city is the Metropolitan Museum followed by The Natural History Museum (both are donation based so you can pay what you can over 25 cents!). The farmers market in Union Square is also a pleasant way to spend an early afternoon as is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (free on Tuesdays).

Favorite nighttime entertainment?  Most nighttime activities begin with beverages at various art openings (Thursday nights in Chelsea are definitely a must for visitors). Aimless wandering with pals is probably my favourite thing to do. There is always something special to stumble upon. Lulu's for a free personal pizza with every beverage purchase (there are a few of these places around but this one has cushy seating).

williamsburg_sophie neighbourhood

Where to shop?  Beacon's Closet absolutely. It can be overwhelmingly busy but if you keep your head down and stay focused on what's in front of you it's less mad and definitely worth it for the treasures (and deals) you'll find. Stella Dallas Living for delicious home goodies is another favourite. There's also the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays and Sundays!

Favorite neighborhood?  I confess, I don't often leave my little village (am sometimes too embarrassed to say where I live because it's just so painfully, well, obvious). It has to be (drum roll please) Williamsburg. I love our neighbours, our elderly landlord (who once tilted his head back and handed Landon an eye dropper), the bodega downstairs that supplies us with discounted beer and Utz and hugs and the nearby bridge (on which a sunset stroll over cannot be beat).

What travel advice would you give those visiting Brooklyn/NYC for the first time?  Wander about! Don't worry about planning anything too detailed because inevitably the best place you'll find is the one you'll find by accident. Don't be shy to ask folks around you if you're lost! New Yorkers are some of the most helpful people around and always eager to point you in the right direction (and show off their knowledge of the city).

Thanks a lot, Hannah! Please please check out Hannah's breathtaking vintage & lingerie shop, The Loved One. All photos courtesy of Hannah Metz, second photo by Sophie Davidson.