beach buys

Lately I've been accumulating beach and water-related items at thrift stores and elsewhere around town, maybe in hopes of planning a weekend visit to some sort of coastal oasis. In truth, we have no immediate plans to visit the beach.. we do have several other trip-making endeavors under way though such as an Alabama road trip, a (potential) surprise birthday trip come September and a midwest visit for a friend's wedding soon after, but there are no sea views in store. I'm left to wear my seashell blouse and dream.

beach buys beach buys beach buys

beach buys beach buys
beach buys

The recent finds.. a vintage silk seashell blouse and straw bag, both thrifted last weekend. My friend Lauren and I hit a few Goodwills for half-off Saturday (which put the grand total of both of those pieces at less than five bucks) and we made a coffee stop at Barista Parlor beforehand. High Class Hillbilly had set up mobile shop outside and I snagged those round sunglasses at a great price, which is probably my favorite find of the day. The iPhone case is not very beach-related but still lovely and a Society6 purchase.

Adorable starfish hair clip from Tuft Design and vintage bikini pattern (which will be sewn in the next few weeks, look for it in a future Sewing Saturday) from a cute vintage store in downtown Galena, Illinois when I visited last month. My mother in law gave me this Kodak Pony when we stayed over at their houseboat for the 4th, and it's my first film camera to take 35 mm film - which I'm super excited about. Any suggestions on how to shoot?

Well I apologize for disappearing over the weekend.. I haven't been half as productive as I'd like and our friend Andrew came around to stay with us for a couple of nights (so - awesome distractions). I do have a fun handmade shop update planned as a hello to midsummer, so expect that this weekend - plus a Sewing Saturday is currently in the works - as is a fantastic vintage giveaway.

Plans for tonight.. it's Moonrise Kingdom time, finally. Happy Tuesday!