denim in the dark

dark denim

Gunne Sax denim dress, gift from Melissa at Sometimes Almost Always
Round vintage sunglasses, High Class Hillbilly
Little market sisal tote, Madewell
Vintage leather sandals, thrifted

Recently, I did a swap with California lady Melissa of Sometimes Almost Always. Melissa sent me this perfect denim dress as a part of the swap and it was one of those receive package, tear open, put it on sort of things. It's a vintage Gunne Sax with ruffled bottom and stitched from heavy dark denim with a great drape. But the best part is the neckline.. cut in at the shoulders with enough lace to add interesting detail and not too much to appear ultra feminine (which Gunne Sax can sometimes suffer from.. and I can sometimes succumb to). Paired with my new old round glasses, a black and white striped market bag and leather sandals, it was an easy midsummer outfit.

dark denim dark denim

dark denim dark denim
dark denim dark denim

Currently watching the Eames documentary, which is pretty interesting (I will steal their house and move it to Nashville) and mentally preparing myself for surgery tomorrow. It's not as serious as it sounds.. I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed. I am a little bit (kind of very) nervous. Prayers and thoughts appreciated!