millinery and brocade

flea market finds, no. 2

Now in our fourth month in a row with maybe ten or eleven (or twenty) total together-visits under our belts, it is now officially a tradition for Lauren and I to hit the Tennessee flea market each month. Some vendors have started to recognize us whenever we come by, and I consider that a good sign.

This time around, I stayed within a pretty friendly budget and made mostly small purchases, although last month was brutal to my bank account (including furniture purchases I wasn't even looking for until I saw their greatness, planning to share those in a home-themed post this fall). Here are some bluesy finds of mine from this weekend and my favorite pieces from last month's haul.

flea market finds, no. 2
flea market finds, no. 2flea market finds, no. 2
flea market finds, no. 2 flea market finds, no. 2 flea market finds, no. 2

Pale blue brocade fabric, only five dollars for a good bit of it.. after washing it I'm convinced it's a medium weight silk that'll be a great choice for a dress pattern I bought with the intention of sewing it for a friend's wedding in October. A vintage cuff with blue rocks, 1950s navy millinery and velvet headband for three dollars, and some Vogue patterns that I intend to add to the supply shop this week. From last month - a quartz crystal pendant and 1940s sheer robin's egg blue dress, which is a new love.

Belated Sewing Saturday post coming tomorrow.. hope you had a good weekend!