on film, no. 2

percy priest lake

The second roll of film Neil and I shot this summer is filled with images of August.. Percy Priest lake, Nashville wanderings, and plenty of photos from my family's visit last week. We played around with double exposure too, which is surprisingly easy. Here are my favorites.

loveless cafe gruhn's at cheekwood cheekwood botanical gardens barista parlor percy priest lake

This might only be our second roll of film but I'm really falling in love with the process.. too bad it's kind of expensive to maintain, but I'm almost convinced that it's worth it since it makes us appreciate taking photos all the more (I loved Hannah's recent film camera recap, now I definitely want to explore other cameras once we get the hang of this guy). We're going to New York City next month (for the first time ever!!!) and I'm fantasizing about only bringing our little Kodak Pony 135 and ten rolls of film along. Which might happen. More photos here.