blooming leopold fall/winter look book


Here it is, the Blooming Leopold A/W 2012-13 look book! This season, I had fun with dyeing - mainly marble dyeing but I also experimented a bit with dip dye and tie dye. The process of marble dyeing was fun, albeit time consuming, which led to a very limited run of one-of-a-kind drop hem dresses and other pieces, all in silk fabrics.

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More photos here.

The look book was shot by Drew Tyndell, styled by Rhiannon Tyndell, and modeled by Ashley Fisher - the best team I could ask for (a big thanks to them!). I don't remember the last time I had so much fun and so little stress during a shoot, Drew had a distinct vision (modern but almost dreamlike) and we ended up with something better than I even hoped for.

Several pieces are handmade while others are vintage that I dyed, such as the coral safari shirt with marbled dyed collar and the tie dye trousers. A few pieces are already in the shop, with the rest heading that way tonight (with the exception of the drop waist dress in velvet - coming soon). I plan on updating the shop periodically with marble dyed dresses from now until the holidays, plus stocking one of my all-time favorite West Coast stores with some dresses specially made for them.. more soon!