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midwest road trip

Topshop Boucle Coat // Miu Miu Sunglasses // Warehouse Padlock Shopper // Rachel Roy Smoking Flats // I Am Legend Novel by Richard Matheson // Maje Metallic Leather T Shirt // Secret South Sadie Skirt // Madewell Lady Grey Trapezium Ring

Road trips undeniably hold some sort of magical sway, and I am constantly craving them.. maybe it's the adventure of running off to some new (or familiar) place, but every time we jump in the car for a long drive it immediately puts me at ease and gets me excited for what's to come. This time around, we're returning to our Midwest roots. Neil and I are leaving this afternoon for St Louis to meet up with friends and all driving together from there to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a good friend's wedding this weekend. Gone til Sunday!

The only downer in this equation is the weather. We leave sunny, 70 degree Nashville for highs in the 40s and 50s in Cedar Rapids all weekend.. it's officially coat weather again. At least while we're away. This meant digging out our winter things from the basement, so I have my eighties-era herringbone swing coat in tow in preparation for the cool evenings, similar in oversized style to that awesome boucle coat from Topshop, above. Now if only I had a metallic leather tee hidden away in the basement too - but that I just have to dream about for now, until I buy some faux leather and make one for myself.

Stocked up with granola bars and audiobooks.. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson and The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. It's October - which means all reads need to be spooky in preparation for Halloween, right? It's the best time of year and I intend to live it up with dystopian books about zombies and pumpkin ale. Can't wait to experience it with all of our college friends this weekend.

And on another note - thanks for the support you showed for this week's fall/winter collection release! The affirmation in the form of your reposts, comments, and all-around positivity makes the hard work worth it - thank you, thank you, thank you! Happy weekend, all.