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athenaeum rectory

Life for me lately has been a jumble of holiday busy work and preparation for future changes that won't see fruition for several months. It's been stressful.. not for lack of time but for lack of focus and definite plans. Neil and I are keeping our options open to many things for 2013 including grad schools, new jobs, west coast living, east coast living. Southern living, northern living. All we know is there are changes coming. Ever since college, I've grown into a planner - even holidays are fleshed out in list form now - so this open-endedness is frustrating.

Fortunately I've been blessed with good friends and fun events lately - Grace Coddington's wonderful interview at the Frist the other weekend, success at the Porter Flea holiday market, a festive party with new blogging friends, Christmas decorating and movies with Neil. Rhiannon bought me the latest copy of Lula Magazine, which is one of my favorite issues thus far and the best distraction. And to celebrate a collaboration we have coming up this February, My Little Paris recently sent me the sweetest box filled with winter-themed treats including a cable knit headband, ginger scented lotion, and a cozy hand warmer.

One of the best bright spots in the chaos has been time spent at the Athenaeum Rectory in Columbia, Tennessee. The Athenaeum is a former girl's school built in the 1830s, where ladies were taught not only obligatory needlework and etiquette but also hands-on learning (a concept unheard of at the time) in geology and the sciences. I spent the last week at the Athenaeum setting up a new display of turn-of-the-century dresses and accessories, and I'm excited to go back next week and work on some more things.

athenaeum rectory lula mag, issue 15 athenaeum rectory athenaeum rectory vintage fringe flats athenaeum rectory

Praying for the families involved with the elementary school shooting in Connecticut - nothing like a tragedy to put our petty day-to-day problems in perspective. Such a sad day for so many.