summer downtown

at the library

Thrifted silk top
American Apparel pleated linen short
Handmade clay bead art necklace
Kork Ease wedges
Vintage sisal tote from Reanimated Rags

Neil and I are back in Nashville after our Tybee Island trip and as great as it is to be home, I miss the beach already and that strange, feeling-small sensation of standing in the waves and letting them move you towards the shore. I miss my family even more. There's nothing like everyone being together in one place. I just developed my first roll with the Pentax, I'll share the photos tomorrow.

at the library at the library at the library at the library

And I've been wearing these clay bead necklaces a lot, I know. For a person like me who's pretty anti-jewelry, it's nice to find something I love for once - the beads add a pop of color to the otherwise neutral, monochromatic outfits I've been wearing of late. The oversized silk top is a Goodwill find, I shortened the sleeves to give it a different sort of shape around the shoulders.

After selling most of the bead necklaces I made at Porter Flea last month, I finally shaped another batch that I will be adding to the online shop this weekend.. odd little colorful, marbled beads and large dotted marshmallow-like beads strung on thin leather cord that your weird art teacher from high school would be proud of (I hope). See you tomorrow!