tybee island

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A trip to Tybee Island is, for the beaches alone, entirely worth it. Throw in a day trip to Fort Pulaski, fried shrimp and live music at Gerald's Pig and Shrimp (where you can also find Southbound IPA on tap), delicious pizza at strange, dive-y Huca Poos, and late night swims on the north end of the island - and you've found yourself a family vacation.

Our house was on the north part of the island, near the lighthouse and some fairly empty shores. We took a drive down to the umbrellas, ice cream, and crowds of the southern tip a few times but my favorite water moments were spent on the abandoned north beach with my niece Stella and nephew Jack, playing shipwreck and keeping an eye out for dolphins.

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These photos are from my first Pentax K1000 roll, which I love so far. I also played around with my new Polaroid camera from Allison during the trip using the Impossible Project film - one photo turned out well while the rest are a little, well, ghost-like. I still have four shots left, any Polaroid 600 series advice?

Hope you had a great weekend! My last two days have been spent with this little guy.